Mobile Physiotherapy

Frequently Asked Questions

Within my mobile physiotherapy practice, my goal is to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

I take COVID-19 very seriously. I perform a COVID -19 self -screen and ensure that I am asymptomatic before I provide mobile physiotherapy care. I follow all the guidelines set forth by Shared Health and wear all recommended PPE including a medical grade mask. I bring all required sanitizer and cleaning products to ensure my hands and all equipment used are disinfected.

I ask that all my patients and close contacts in the home perform their own self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms and self-assess for COVID-19 symptoms. If you need to reschedule your appointment, please notify me 24 hours in advance if possible. I recommend that all my patients wear a mask for their appointment.

Mobile physiotherapy is for anyone!

  • Seniors with mobility restrictions or limitations as they may have difficulty leaving their home. Safe, individualized physiotherapy intervention can be provided with updates provided to the client’s doctor and family if consent is provided.
  • Clients who have undergone surgery and have compromised mobility. In particular those have received a knee or hip replacement may benefit from early physiotherapy intervention in their home.
  • Clients who have had prolonged hospitalization and are severely deconditioned. In home physiotherapy will help to get you back to your active lifestyle and help you regain independence.
  • Clients who have acute or chronic pain that is preventing them from accessing in-clinic physiotherapy care.
  • Clients who have neurological challenges related to stroke would benefit from follow up in comfortable environment to promote recovery and independence.
  • Clients who would prefer the convenience of a physiotherapist that comes to their home or workplace.

We will complete a brief screening questionnaire with you when we book your initial assessment to ensure that your environment is appropriate for a mobile physiotherapy visit. We will arrive about 5-10 minutes early to set up our equipment and prepare the treatment area in your home.

Your first visit is what’s referred to as an initial assessment. During this visit your intake questionnaire, medical paperwork (referral form your doctor, medial test reports etc.)  will be reviewed. A thorough discussion regarding your concerns and goals for treatment will be completed followed by a detailed physical examination which forms the baseline for your treatment program. A recommended treatment plan and schedule will be developed with your input so that we can help you achieve your physiotherapy goals! You can expect your initial assessment to last 45-60 min. Follow up treatments are 30-45 min in length. Extended treatment lengths of 45-60 minutes are available at an additional cost for those clients who have complex treatment needs or multiple body parts that require treatment.

Clear a 6 x 10 feet space in an open space of your home or workplace where a chair or portable treatment bed can be set up. If possible, wear comfortable, loose- fitting clothing for treatment. If we’re treating your lower extremity shorts are recommended. If we’re treating your upper extremity a tank top can allow appropriate access to the symptomatic area.

Private extended health insurance coverage can cover some or all of your physiotherapy expenses for mobile physiotherapy provided by a licensed physiotherapist. Contact your insurance provider directly for complete information about your coverage.