Mobile Physiotherapy

that will keep
you moving

Kristy Blain

Owner & Physiotherapist

I believe that the foundation of a successful physiotherapy program is the client and physiotherapist relationship. My empathetic, patient-centered approach, coupled with the creative, effective treatment programs I develop means that my patients’ goals are met and successful outcomes are achieved. I strive to make my interactions with patients professional, informative, and personable.

My Approach

The mobile physiotherapy I offer is unique as it enables me to connect with patients in their own environment– whether in their home, assisted living home, retirement residence, personal care home or workplace. I provide one on one care that puts their needs first to optimize their function and quality of life. Whether they are recovering from an injury or surgery, or are looking to improve their overall physical health and independence with daily activities, I am here to help.

My Community Connections

A long-time resident of North Kildonan, I have been providing physiotherapy care in private practice clinic settings since 1999 in the Northeast area of Winnipeg and East St. Paul, Manitoba. I have become deeply connected to the community over the years – welcoming back former patients and connecting with new ones that have been referred by their family and friends. I am excited to expand my care to mobile physiotherapy services and continue to serve my community.  


Physiotherapy promotes, restores, and maintains overall physical function and well-being. It assists in the recovery from acute illness, injury or surgery and helps with the management of chronic health conditions. As a physiotherapist, I am uniquely educated in the orthopaedic, neurological, and cardiorespiratory systems. With this knowledge, I look beyond my patients’ symptoms and analyze the factors that are contributing to their symptoms in the first place. I take a detailed history from my patients before I perform a thorough assessment and physical examination. It is this integrative approach that enables me to put together a comprehensive program that is personalized for my patients’ unique rehabilitation journey.

Orthopaedic Physiotherapy

Mobile orthopaedic physiotherapy can address pain, inflammation, loss of range of motion and strength that is a result of an acute injury or the aggravation of a chronic condition. Comprehensive assessment is crucial to identifying the appropriate treatment components needed to help a patient get back to the life they want to live!

Acupuncture and Dry Needling

Acupuncture and dry needling both use sterile, disposable needles to provide very effective therapeutic benefit to the body. Acupuncture and dry needling can both be easily integrated into a physiotherapy treatment program to provide symptom relief.

Long COVID Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy can help individuals who have been infected by COVID-19 that have lingering or newly developing symptoms that far exceed the expected recovery period for the virus.

Neurological Physiotherapy

Mobile neurological physiotherapy helps individuals manage muscle tone, regain strength and independence performing functional tasks in their home environment. There are a variety of exercises and hands-on techniques that can facilitate neurological improvement.